At SR Education Group, we believe in Affordability, Accessibility, and Quality above all.


At SR Education Group, we are motivated by a singular vision: a world where everyone gets the education he or she needs to be successful.
Awarded to students in scholarship funds since 2010.
Students have reviewed
1,744 colleges.
Schools were evaluated and ranked in 115 top lists.
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Our products are designed to help prospective students find a college suited to their individual needs, whether that means low tuition costs, high satisfaction reported by recent graduates, or degrees that lead to career advancement. We feature schools with great student reviews and strong success metrics, and provide unbiased, comprehensive information.

On, we've collected 16,320 reviews from college graduates covering 1,745 schools. With rising education costs, we’re trying to answer the question, "Is This Degree Worth It?" We're asking graduates and alumni from across the country to share their personal experience with education, including if their degree prepared them for a career and if their school's reputation increased their starting salary.

To support our mission of promoting affordability, accessibility, and quality in education, OnlineU publishes three sets of annual rankings: Top Online Colleges, Best Value Online Colleges, and Most Affordable Online Degrees. Each year we research tuition, accreditation, acceptance rate, and other important metrics across hundreds of institutions to provide the most useful lists with the most up-to-date information.

GuidetoOnlineSchools offers in-depth information about accredited online colleges offering 30,550 degree programs. Prospective students can view comprehensive lists by program and by state, as well as browse lists of the top military friendly, most affordable, and most recommended online colleges.


As part of our mission to make education more affordable, SR Education Group has given away $104,000 in scholarships since 2010.

Scholarship Name Award Deadline Scholarship Application
Community College Scholarship
Eligibility: Students enrolled at a public community college, junior college, technical college, or city college, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree.
Award $2,500
Deadline Jul 16, 2016
Graduate Scholarship for Teachers
Eligibility: Students enrolled in a graduate program through an accredited college or university.
Award $5,000
Deadline Oct 23, 2016
June 2016 Graduate Scholarship for Teachers Winner Announced

Our scholarship committee is pleased to announce our second-ever winner of the Graduate Scholarship for Teachers: Scarlet Elkington! Scarlet was selected out of 85 deserving candidates to receive $5,000 to put towards her Masters in Education at The University of Nevada Las Vegas. Each of our five finalists will also be awarded a $100 prize.

June 14, 2016
How to pay off student loans (without actually paying them)
Cap gown lg

If you’re a recent graduate, it’s possible that the initial bliss felt in the moment of walking across that stage has started to fade as you’re beginning to think more seriously about paying off your student loans. The average Class of 2016 grad is carrying $37,172 in student debt, according to an analysis by higher education and financial aid expert, Mark Kantrowitz. With this number at an all time high, how are young people supposed to manage moving out, searching for a job, and repaying their loans? Besides working overtime and carefully budgeting for those monthly payments, there are several programs that exist to help get your student loans paid off, without you actually paying for them.

June 10, 2016

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Sung Rhee, CEO

After working in the education industry for over 9 years as the CEO of SR Education Group, Sung became discouraged by how difficult it was to find accurate information about what's truly important to prospective students. He saw the need for sites dedicated to transparency around finding quality education options that are both affordable and accessible.

Sung's an Ivy League grad who's passionate about changing the landscape in higher education so it better reflects the interests of students. He knows prestige doesn't always translate to quality and doesn't want to see students get a raw deal.

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