2015 Best Value Online Colleges

Our 2015 Best Value Online College Rankings inludes 12 program lists. We factored in affordability, loan repayment rates, and accreditation in order to ensure these schools provide a quality education that won't break the bank.



Computer Science




Human Resources

Human Services



Public Health

Social Work

At SR Education Group, we believe in Affordability, Accessibility, and Quality above all. We support that by providing:

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  • 55% Satisfied with Career
  • 58% Improved Career
  • $43k Average Salary

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We know that location is the #1 determining factor in deciding on a college. Colleges and Degrees helps you search through all the colleges and universities near you.

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    SR Education Group is proud to announce the winner of its inaugural GradReports Loan Repayment Grant: Madelyn Cooper of Grand Rapids Community College. Madelyn became the first recipient of the $2,000 grant, which SR Education Group started in order to combat the student debt crisis. The winner was selected at random from a group of applicants that submitted reviews on http://www.gradreports.com, which is the leading website for quality, college reviews. GradReports’s mission is to help students make smarter decisions about education by publishing outcomes-focussed reviews, and as a further commitment to helping graduates, GradReports has given Madelyn $2,000 to help repay her student loans.

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    OnlineU, the leader in affordable higher education publishing, is proud to announce the 2015 Best Value Online College Rankings. The rankings take a critical look at all of the online colleges who offer affordable tuition to determine which ones provide real outcomes-based results and the best overall value to their graduates. Last year, http://www.OnlineU.org was launched with a focus on the most affordable online colleges in the United States. This year, the 2015 Best Value Online College Rankings aim to factor in the quality of the institutions, as well as a continued focus on the colleges and universities that are making an effort to keep tuition costs low. The rankings span across the 12 most popular online degrees: accounting, business, computer science, counseling, education, healthcare, human resources, human services, nursing, psychology, public health, and social work.

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    Today OnlineU.org releases new affordability rankings across 12 more disciplines to further help prospective online students make better-informed higher education choices and avoid high student debt.
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    SR Education Group is proud to announce the launch of our free online resource comparing all U.S. online degrees on quality and affordability in 12 disciplines. OnlineU.org helps students avoid high student debt while making better-informed choices about pursuing higher education online.
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