Scholarship Name Award Deadline Scholarship Application
Community College Scholarship
Eligibility: Students enrolled at a public community college, junior college, technical college, or city college, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree.
Award $5,000
Deadline Dec 30, 2018
Military Scholarships
Eligibility: Students who are veterans or active members of the U.S. military and are enrolled at a private or public educational institution, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree.
Award $5,000
Deadline Dec 30, 2018
Undergraduate Scholarship
Eligibility: Undergraduate students enrolled at a private or public educational institution, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree.
Award $5,000
Deadline Dec 30, 2018
Graduate Scholarship
Eligibility: Graduate students enrolled at a private or public educational institution, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree.
Award $5,000
Deadline Dec 30, 2018

Winners Archive

Community College Scholarship, October 2018
Blaine Baskins
East Arkansas Community College - Wynne, AR

Thank you guys so much! I was very shocked, but I am greatly honored. This scholarship will help my college experience run much more smoothly!

Community College Scholarship, October 2018
Dayele Free
Rasmussen College - Saint Paul, MN

I'm thankful to receive this scholarship because I know it's going to help me in the long run. I need all the help I can receive and I am very grateful for this. Thank you.

Community College Scholarship, October 2018
Regina Stanford
Eastern Florida State College - Mims, FL

When I saw the words Congratulations! You have been selected...I began to cry out with joy. Being awarded the SR Education Group Community College Scholarship means so much. After a series of unfortunate life events I felt returning to school would be my only option to have a future. This is easier said then done especially when you are head of house. I took a leap of faith and had to trust and believe that if I do my part help will come. Thank you SR Education Group for your support.

Community College Scholarship, October 2018
Lisa Wallace
Iowa Central Community College - Los Angeles, CA

I am so grateful to the SR Education Group for this scholarship award! The financial assistance will be put to good use while I attain my AA through community college in order to move forward with a BA in Early Childhood Education. One of my goals is to connect young children and their parents with programs offering early childhood education and resources. Thank you SR Education Group!

Graduate Scholarship, October 2018
Sabree Burbage
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Carrboro, NC

Words can not describe my excitement for receiving this scholarship. I am incredibly grateful for SR Education Group as this scholarship will help to decrease my financial burden as I near graduation and begin applying for fellowships and registering for licensure exams.

Military Scholarships, October 2018
David Navarro
Purdue University Global - Tucson, AZ

Words cannot describe how excited I was to receive notification that I won the scholarship. It was a dream come true. I was so shocked, I just stared at the screen a moment before jumping out of my seat and yelling "woo hoo!". My wife came running and I told her the great news. This scholarship will help me to achieve my dreams of being an author, educator, and high school teacher. Thank you.

Undergraduate Scholarship, October 2018
Karly Lau
Chaminade University of Honolulu - Honolulu, HI

I am thankful to have received this award because it has helped me with paying for my tuition.

Military Scholarships, October 2018
Randi Fultz
University of Maryland University College - Fpo, AP, CA

When I heard that I won the scholarship, I honestly thought it was too good to be true. We've been a single-income family to help provide a stable home for our child, and I've had to put a lot on hold. Starting college again was rough, and this will definitely help me meet my goal of teaching and helping support my family.

Undergraduate Scholarship, October 2018
Alexandria Palacios
Arizona State University - Mesa, AZ

Thank you. I am very grateful and happy for the extra financial support that will help me reach my goal!

Undergraduate Scholarship, October 2018
Rachel Bartoe
LaGrange College - LaGrange, GA

I am so grateful to the SR Education group for providing this amazing scholarship! With this award I will be able to spend more time progressing in my studies and gaining vital experience within the nursing field than working to pay for my tuition. Thank you for helping me pursue my dream!

Undergraduate Scholarship, October 2018
Benjamin Huang
Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD

I'm very grateful for the SR Education Group and its generosity, for the Group's scholarship will help me pursue the research and education that I'm interested in.

Undergraduate Scholarship, July 2018
Jada Locklear
Old Dominion University - Accomac, VA

I am honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the undergraduate scholarship. I was ecstatic when reading the email of this wonderful opportunity. I can now continue with the hopes of pursuing a nursing degree. Thank you SR Education Group this truly means a lot to me!

Graduate Scholarship, July 2018
Kami Elorrieta
Adams State University - Eden, ID

Receiving this scholarship fills me with relief and gratitude! Organizations such as SR Education Group provide such a wonderful opportunity to further my education and pursue a career I am passionate about without worrying quite so much how I will be able afford such a fulfilling experience.

Community College Scholarship, July 2018
Kelsey Gramm
Clark State Community College - Vancouver, WA

Thank you again for giving me a chance to do well in life. God provides blessing everyday if you put in the time and hard work to achieve your goals. This grant is going to change mine and my children’s life for the better. Being able to go to school and not worry about how I am going to pay my bills is the biggest blessing I could have asked for.

Community College Scholarship, July 2018
Geoff Pinto
Everett Community College - Lake Stevens, WA

As a mathematics major and future teacher, I want to reach out and be an inspiration to others. I’m not where I’m at in my studies yet, but this scholarship is going to assist me greatly. Thank you so much for the help, I am so thankful for receiving this scholarship.

Undergraduate Scholarship, July 2018
Jayme Henning
Central Michigan University - Grand Rapids, MI

This scholarship will allow me to focus primarily on school without the constant burden of how I am going to pay for my education. I could not be more grateful or excited for this amazing opportunity.

Community College Scholarship, July 2018
Lisa Hill
East Arkansas Community College - Wynne, AR

Words cannot express how appreciative I am of this award. My dream of getting a college education can now come true because of this tremendous opportunity. This will not only help me, but will also benefit my family as it will increase my earning potential. I recommend your organization to everyone with whom I speak.

Military Scholarships, July 2018
Lynn King
Portland Community College - Tualatin, OR

As a Veteran and non-traditional student with a young family to support, the SR Education Group Military Scholarship Award will go a long way to ensure my family's needs are met while I pursue full-time education. This award will allow our family to significantly stretch our savings while I complete a degree in Nursing. We are thrilled at the opportunity, and extremely grateful to receive this award! Thank you SR Education Group!

Undergraduate Scholarship, July 2018
Madeline Stano
Southern New Hampshire University Online - Saltsburg, PA

I’m so grateful for this opportunity! I’m currently a mother supporting three children and this will help me provide a better future for both me and my children.

Undergraduate Scholarship, July 2018
Kaitlyn Clevenger
Baylor University - Solon, IA

I was thrilled to learn that I had been awarded an Undergraduate Scholarship by SR Education Group. The financial assistance will greatly aid me in my journey to become a doctor. The extra money will allow me to work less during the school year and devote more time and energy to my studies. Thank you SR Education Group. You have truly made a difference in my life.

Military Scholarships, July 2018
Louisa Hofmann
Chamberlain College of Nursing - Woodland, CA

This scholarship will help me financially in my goal of becoming a nurse, that you so much to the SR Education group for helping me to achieve my dream! With this help I can concentrate fully on my education and focus on being a great nurse.

Community College Scholarship, July 2018
Matthew Bayliss
Lawson State Community College-Birmingham Campus - Hueytown, AL

This scholarship is wonderful for me. I am proud to be a winner of this scholarship.

Community College Scholarship, July 2018
Brenda Melchor
Cochise College - Sierra Vista, AZ

I have been struggling to make sure that I get the kind of education in which I ensured my daughter received. You cannot believe how overjoyed at this unexpected surprise and this scholarship will go towards me being able to achieve my education goals. All of my appreciation and thanks goes out to the SR Education Group for this outstanding scholarship!

Graduate Scholarship, April 2018
Dana Wales
Grace College and Theological Seminary - Queens, NY

I'm so pleased to have been chosen to receive this scholarship. I literally cried when I read the email! This scholarship will greatly help with the student loans I have/am accumulating while in graduate school. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I truly appreciate it.

Community College Scholarship, April 2018
David Richardson
East Arkansas Community College - MARIANNA, AR

As an adult who has been out of school almost twenty years, going back to school is a challenge. As a full-time paramedic, I work 168 hours every two weeks. I am paying for everything including books and tuition out of pocket. Winning this scholarship will help me immensely by allowing me to take off work as needed for class assignments and studying. I am very grateful to have been chosen as a winner for this scholarship and cannot thank you enough.

Community College Scholarship, April 2018
Alysson Kliewer
Salt Lake Community College - Orem, UT

I stared down my computer like a deer in the headlights frozen in time. Like any normal human being I went through the 5 stages of denial. It took some convincing by a friend who had received a similar scholarship before I landed on acceptance. Still in shock, with a few tears rolling down my cheeks I thought about how much this would help me take a big leap towards achieving my goals. Grateful to my friend, who's wisdom superseded my own (knowing my financial situation) recommended I apply for this scholarship.

Community College Scholarship, April 2018
Trevor Williams
Portland Community College - Portland, OR

Thank you so much for this opportunity! This scholarship is going to be an incredible help so that I can keep moving forward with my education and become a teacher. I am looking forward to continuing the hard work I have started, and it’s true that hard work really does pay off! I appreciate you supporting me in my journey.

Community College Scholarship, April 2018
Emily Skinner
Modesto Junior College - Modesto, CA

I can't believe that I was chosen for this amazing opportunity. I know now that I can accomplish my goals and dream to become a nurse and anything is possible if you just persevere! Thank you!

Military Scholarships, April 2018
John Dickman
Oregon State University - Stafford , VA

I cannot thank SR Education Group enough for this fantastic scholarship! My current military duties preclude my access to tuition assistance, eliminating my ability to afford school. This generous gift will allow me to finish my degree on time and give back to my community sooner.

Military Scholarships, April 2018
Dawn Kopa
Regent University Online - Houston, TX

I am beyond grateful for the honor & privilege of receiving the SR Education Group Military Scholarship! This scholarship will enable me to pursue a graduate degree, which will lead to a brighter future for my family and I, as well as the community I will be able to reach through this advanced education. THANK YOU SR Education Group!

Undergraduate Scholarship, April 2018
Sakari Scott
Old Dominion University - Washington, DC

I was shock when I received an email stating that I won this scholarship. I am happy to have received this funding, that will contribute to my college education.

Undergraduate Scholarship, April 2018
Gracey Komora
Cleveland State University - Cleveland, OH

With the help of the SR Education Group I can be a social worker! Thank you so much!

Undergraduate Scholarship, April 2018
Mary Denis
University of Central Arkansas - Jacksonville, AR

It is truly an honor to receive this gift of scholarship from the SR Education Group! This scholarship will aid me in the completion of my senior year and my bachelor's degree!

Undergraduate Scholarship, April 2018
Bethany Henderson
Antioch University-Santa Barbara - LOS OSOS, CA

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I'm a single mom of a disabled adult, my son who is wonderful and loving but may never be able to earn a living. This is a gift that is one more wonderful step towards my career goals and my ability to secure his future.

Community College Scholarship, January 2018
Latasha Begay
Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute - Albuquerque, NM

I am so grateful to have been chosen for this scholarship. I can now focus on my studies and have more time off from work to spend time with my son. All my dedication and hard work to finish school is to provide him with a good life.

Community College Scholarship, January 2018
Connor Morrissey
Massasoit Community College - East Bridgewater, MA

This generous scholarship will help me continue to move forward to achieve my educational goals and help me pursue my nursing degree. Thank you SR Education Group for choosing me!

Community College Scholarship, January 2018
Brandy Weiler
Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology - Great Falls , MT

I am immensely appreciative for the opportunity to receive this scholarship and thankful for the burden that it will lift from my shoulders for financial need during my studies. This opportunity is something that will never be forgotten as I’m working toward my dream. Thank you so much.

Community College Scholarship, January 2018
Tamara Clegg
East Arkansas Community College - Colt, AR

I am so excited to have won this scholarship. My family and I are eternally grateful, and this money will help make sure that my education will continue. Thank you so very much.

Community College Scholarship, January 2018
Elizabeth Morris
Helena College University of Montana - Helena, MT

Upon finding out I was receiving this scholarship, I felt an immediate sense of relief that I would be able to focus on my studies without this financial worry hanging over my head.

Community College Scholarship, January 2018
Carla Frazier
Central New Mexico Community College - Albuquerque, NM

Thanks to the SR Scholarship money I will be able to focus on school, and will not worry about paying for the next semester.

Scholarship for Minorities, January 2018
Marie Mellick
University of Idaho - Worley, ID

I am so excited to be able to receive this Scholarship! It means so much to be given the opportunity to study Natural Resources and pass this opportunity to others in the future!

Scholarship for Minorities, January 2018
Dreson Russell
University of Alabama at Birmingham - Dadeville, AL

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the SR Education Group Scholarship for Minorities. As a recipient, I am grateful for the opportunities this award will provide me. I rely on financial aid, grants, other scholarships, and loans to help finance my education. Receiving this scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and provide assistance for me as I continue pursuing my education. Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous gift.

Community College Scholarship, October 2017
Priyadevi Pillay
Folsom Lake College - Folsom, CA

I am honored to be chosen as a recipient of the Community College Scholarship. I will use my education and passion for Computer Science to enrich the lives of others in my community. My success is an example of why you should never give up on your dreams.

Community College Scholarship, October 2017
Rebekkah Krech
Clackamas Community College - Oregon City, OR

I am overflowing with gratitude to be receiving this scholarship for community college! As a single mother who has recently fallen on hard times, this scholarship will help me to pursue a better future for myself and my daughter. I am so appreciative of this honor.

Community College Scholarship, October 2017
Sheena Payne
Essex County College - Newark, NJ

I am so grateful to be awarded this scholarship. Now I can save time and afford to take more courses next semester, yaaay! Thank You SR Education!

Community College Scholarship, October 2017
Justine Stephens Waldron
Renton Technical College - Renton, WA

This scholarship is a huge help to my family as I have returned to college later in life, in pursuit of obtaining a more fulfilling and better paying career. I spent my early years hopping from job to job in a variety of industries with little direction and I hope to change that once I graduate next spring! Thank you so much!!

Community College Scholarship, October 2017
Gabriel Duran
New Mexico State University-Dona Ana - Las Cruces, NM

I am genuinely grateful and honored to be selected for this scholarship from SR Education Group. This organization is changing lives for students across America, and I can’t wait to "pay it forward" once I meet my educational success. THANK YOU

Community College Scholarship, October 2017
Jennifer Straus
NDSCS - West Fargo, ND

I was so excited when I found out that the SR Education Group had chosen me to be one of their scholarship recipients and I am so grateful to them for assisting me in the continuation of my education.

Scholarship for Women, October 2017
Deme Hill
California Baptist University - Kapolei, HI

I was ecstatic to hear the news that I had won a Scholarship for Women from SR Education Group. As a mother of 4 children, going back to school was an extremely hard decision. Financially, emotionally and physically it has been a challenge. I am forever grateful to SR Education Group!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply and for choosing me as a winner! Blessings.

Scholarship for Women, October 2017
Susie Clark
Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology - Albright, WV

Receiving this scholarship has helped make my dreams of becoming a nurse a reality. I am going to make the best of this experience to continue the path I have chosen. Thank you very much.

Military Scholarships, July 2017
Jospeh Morris
Portland State University - Tigard, OR

I was more than excited, I was ecstatic! I have never won anything or received any academic scholarships other than Military and financial aid. This will help more than one could grasp. I was wondering how I was going to pay for my field school this year without taking out more loans. Thank You so very much!

Military Scholarships, July 2017
Nathanael Bullock
Mesa Community College - Queen Creek, AZ

I was more the excited to hear the news of me winning this award, and a bit shocked as I have never one anything like this before. The application process was simple and it didn't take long if you put your heart into it. This will help tremendously thank you so much.

Community College Scholarship, July 2017
Brandon McNaught
Stanly Community College - Locust, NC

I am very honored and excited to have received the SR Education Group Community College Scholarship. This will greatly help me be able to pay for school since my parents are unable.

Community College Scholarship, July 2017
Rikki Reynolds
Lassen Community College - Janesville, CA

I'm glad I get to spend this moment with my family. Just makes you think that miracles are actually possible. Thank you, SR Education Group!

Community College Scholarship, July 2017
Brigette Nixon
Stark State College - Wadsworth, OH

As a single mother, receiving this scholarship has taken a heaven burden off of my shoulders, thank you to everyone who made this possible. This scholarship will make it possible for me to fulfill my dreams, of an education, for another year.

Community College Scholarship, July 2017
Kelsey Maier
Columbus State Community College - columbus , OH

I am so grateful to receive this scholarship, this will greatly help financially by allowing me to take out less student loans. I am excited to continue to pursue my education and move forward with my goal of becoming a nurse. Thank you for this amazing blessing!

Community College Scholarship, July 2017
David Arthur
Lake Land College - Mattoon, IL

This money will help my dreams of being a nurse that much more a reality. Thank you!

Community College Scholarship, July 2017
Jennifer McCain
Olympic College - silverdale, WA

I appreciate the assistance for furthering my education so that I can become a influential part of the community and help others do the same.

Graduate Scholarship for Teachers, March 2017
Marla Issac
National Louis University - Skokie, IL

My heart is full right now knowing that a part of my financial burden has been lifted. I feel truly blessed and grateful that I will be able to fulfill my dream of being a full time educator.

Graduate Scholarship for Teachers, March 2017
Kristin Humpherys
Utah State University - Provo, UT

This scholarship changes things. It's more than just money - it's hope. And truly, that is what being a teacher is all about. I'm so thankful to be a part of this profession and to be a recipient of this scholarship.

Community College Scholarship, March 2017
Ryan Ramirez
Rogue Community College - Grans Pass, OR

I was extremely shocked to find out I had one! This scholarship will help me in completing my courses needed to transfer to a four year school. Thank you again!

Community College Scholarship, March 2017
Trusten brown
Clover Park Technical College - Steilacoom, WA

I was absolutely shocked when I read I had won, I feel blessed and very fortunate for this opportunity!

Community College Scholarship, March 2017
Angela Denney
Lassen Community College - Susanville, CA

Receiving this scholarship will greatly help me in completing my goal in becoming a social worker to help foster children and becoming a foster child advocate as well as providing a stable income for my young twins! I am so very thankful to SR Education Group for helping me pursue my educational goals!

Community College Scholarship, March 2017
Elie Gooch
Seminole State College of Florida - Deltona, FL

I want to thank SR Education Group for this Community College Scholarship this will alleviate some of the burden of buying much needed classroom books and materials. Thank you guys so much I can never repay this type of kindness monetarily right now but I will pay it forward in the future.

Community College Scholarship, November 2016
Bonnie Arbuckle
Modesto Junior College - Riverbank, CA

I was elated to hear that I was a winner of the SR Education Group Community College Scholarship! This is fantastic news and it came at the most wonderful time. As a single parent working hard towards two degrees, this scholarship will enable me to get closer to my goals and release some much-needed financial pressure. Thank you SR Education Group!

Community College Scholarship, November 2016
Beau Howard
Helena College - Helena, MT

I am delighted and honored to have been selected for your undergraduate scholarship. As a single father, and college student, I cannot stress the importance of budgeting your finances in order to succeed. This scholarship will help me to achieve my goal of obtaining my Ph.D. and for that, I am eternally grateful to the SR Education Group and their commitment to helping students further their education. I am passionate about chemistry and look forward to completing my B.S. and continuing on to graduate school at the University of Montana. My hope is to continue my current research on flavonoid structures and their multiple medicinal potentials, with an emphasis on supplemental oncological treatments.

Graduate Scholarship for Teachers, October 2016
Frances Resuta
CUNY College of Staten Island - Staten Island, NY

After learning that she had won the Graduate Scholarship for Teachers, Frances said, "I am honored to receive this scholarship! The past few years have been hard financially and emotionally for my family and I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue my education to build a brighter future for myself and my daughter. Thank you SR Education Group!"

Community College Scholarship, July 2016
Heather Mazlik
Chattahoochee Technical College - Woodstock, GA

Heather Mazlik was incredibly pleased when she found out she was the winner of the $2,500 scholarship. She told the scholarship committee, "I am extremely blessed and humbled to be given such a generous and wonderful opportunity." Heather is currently working towards her associate’s degree in accounting and hopes to go on to be a CPA. She went on to explain, "I am beyond grateful for this scholarship and after facing many obstacles the past few years, I am finally optimistic that along with perseverance and strength, I can use this money to continue my education in order to provide a bright future for my son."

Community College Scholarship, July 2016
Mary Dameron
Davidson County Community College - Thomasville, NC

"I was honored and delighted when I learned that I received this scholarship,” said Mary Dameron of Davidson County Community College. “These funds will allow me to attend nursing school so I can make a better life for me and my son." Mary is currently a CNA and works at a nursing home. Since she was 17, Mary has dreamed of becoming a nurse, and she is currently earning her Associate's in Nursing with an impressive 4.0 GPA. She hopes to continue her education and earn a Bachelor’s in Nursing after gaining some crucial clinical experience.

Graduate Scholarship for Teachers, June 2016
Scarlet Elkington
University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV

When Scarlet learned she had won the SR Education Group Graduate Scholarship for Teachers, she said, "I am extremely excited and grateful to have received the scholarship for $5,000 to go toward my schooling. I appreciate SR Education Group helping me to reach my goal of becoming a teacher and being able to help support my family. I love working with the students in helping them grow and develop. Having to pay for schooling while raising a family is a huge sacrifice and this money will help immensely."

Community College Scholarship, April 2016
Hannah Harris
University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus - Moore, OK

"I am extremely grateful to SR Education Group for this scholarship opportunity," said Hannah Harris of the University of Oklahoma. "This money will help me pay for my books and tuition so I can earn my Bachelor’s in Criminology." Hannah has spent the last six years of her life serving in the United States Air Force. She is a single mother of two young children and hopes to go on to work for the FBI, CIA, NCIS or for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Community College Scholarship, April 2016
Tara Vayne
St Petersburg College - Seminole, FL

When Tara Vayne was told she won the $2,500 scholarship, she responded, “I just found out three weeks ago that I was going to be a part of a major layoff with my company. As a single parent that is terrifying. I was considering dropping out again because of these circumstances." Tara was previously a successful salesperson but consistently felt held back by her lack of a college degree. She went on to explained, "Then I heard from the SR Education Group team that I won the scholarship. I registered for summer semester that day. Thank you SR Education Group!" This scholarship will help Tara accomplish her dream of earning a degree and will allow her to thrive in the competitive world of business.

Graduate Scholarship for Teachers, January 2016
Aaron Valley
Missouri Baptist University - Mineral Point, MO

"This scholarship is incredibly important to me! It has been very challenging to find meaningful employment after retiring from the Marine Corps because military education doesn't easily translate into a civilian career. This scholarship is helping me to obtain a Master's Degree in Education so I can continue being a productive and prosperous contributor to our society." - Aaron Valley

Community College Scholarship, December 2015
Rebecca Bender
Spokane Community College - Spokane Valley, WA

"This scholarship means so much to me," said Rebecca Bender of Spokane Community College. "As a single mom, I struggle with finances and making ends meet continuously. My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you so much for believing in me." Rebecca has dedicated her time to various non-profits and hopes to one day open a home for homeless single fathers. She is the first of her family to attend college and is majoring in Public Service Administration.

Community College Scholarship, December 2015
Hernan Cortes
Reedley College - Reedley, CA

When Hernan Cortes was told he won the Community College scholarship, he responded simply, "Dreams don't work unless you do." Hernan is going to school for his automotive technology degree and hopes to one day open his own shop. He recently had a baby boy this summer and told us, "Having a baby made me change my perspective on a lot of things; He motivated me to do better." This scholarship will help Hernan scale back on his full time job so that he can focus on his family and his studies during this upcoming semester.

Community College Scholarship, August 2015
Tyler Vitiello
Montclair State University - Montclair, NJ

“After my accident, I lost all my football scholarships and was paralyzed at the same time. I thought I had lost everything,” said Tyler Vitiello, who won a $2,500 scholarship from SR Education Group. “It has been a constant battle to find help for school and my health care. Thank you very much for helping me with my tuition!” Due to his unique experiences, Tyler plans on earning his PhD in in Clinical Psychology, with a specialty in Neuropsychology. He has made the Dean’s list at Montclair State University three times now and hopes to graduate in 2016.

Community College Scholarship, August 2015
Crystal Storhaug
Kilian Community College - Bridgewater, SD

“I was so excited to learn I won this scholarship,” said Crystal Storhaug, the Community College Scholarship Winner. “I make sacrifices in my life so that I am able to go to school because I know in the end it will be worth it.” Crystal has dedicated her life to helping others overcome addiction after watching a close family member struggle with alcoholism. She is majoring in Chemical Dependency Counseling at Kilian Community College and working her way through school.

Women's Scholarship, July 2013
Alexa Van Bomel
University of Central Florida - Orlando, FL

Alexa van Bromel, the July winner of the Women's Scholarship, is pursuing a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Central Florida. Her goal is to become a Speech Pathologist and help children who have communication disorders. It was clear from Alexa's application that she has a passion for helping others, and will use her education towards this purpose.

Community College Scholarship, June 2013
Ryan Bosela
Pittsburgh Technical Institute - Hubbard, OH

SR Education Group is proud to announce Ryan Bosela, an Architectural Drafting student, as the winner of the Community College Scholarship. Since a young age, Ryan has been passionate about the field of Architecture. This passion has encouraged him to push for excellence in all areas of his schooling, eventually earning him recognition from his teachers and the National Technical Honor Society.

Single-Parent Scholarship, June 2013
Amanda Christensen
Arizona State University - PHOENIX, AZ

Amanda Christensen, June's Single Parent Scholarship winner, aspires to become a professor upon her 2014 graduation with a PhD in Business Management. Her goal is to help students work towards their dreams and do it in a manner that inspires her students to help those around them. She hopes that by earning her PhD, she will have been able to show her son that anything is possible.

Women's Scholarship, May 2013
Shannan Widboom
Oregon Health & Science University - Medford, OR

Shannan Widboom, May's Women's Scholarship winner, is attending Oregon Health and Science University to pursue her dream of becoming a Nurse. Shannan is ambitious, and hopes that by receiving her nursing degree she will be able to give back to the world through a variety of charitable organizations as well as help her own son with his educational goals.

Make a Difference Scholarship, May 2013
Ali Kliegman
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Asheville, NC

Ali won the committee vote for the Make a Difference scholarship with her ambition to provide wilderness therapy to all at risk adolescents regardless of economic means. Ali plans to use her degree program to collect evidence that will inspire organizations to provide wilderness therapy to adolescents who don't currently have the means to attend these programs.

Make a Difference Scholarship, May 2013
Ashanti Carr
University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL

Ashanti, a student from the University of Illinois-Chicago, won the popular vote for the Make a Difference scholarship with her vision of opening an elementary school for underprivileged youth. Having already worked with children through volunteer programs, Ashanti has the experience and drive it will take to make her dreams into reality.

Single-Parent Scholarship, April 2013
Jessica Hin
CNI College - El Cajon, CA

Jessica Hin is an inspirational single parent who is pursuing surgical technician certification through training at CNI College. Despite having five dependents to care for and two jobs, Jessica has been able to maintain excitement and energy for her schooling and future career.

Community College Scholarship, April 2013
Ben Hansen
Snow College - Ephraim, UT

We are proud to announce Ben Hansen, a Welding student from Snow College, as the April 2013 Community College Scholarship winner. Ben demonstrated in his scholarship application a strong work ethic and motivation to succeed. It is clear Ben has a big heart, and that his success will positively influence the lives of his friends and family.

Women's Scholarship, March 2013
Patricia Jackson
Mercer University - Norcross , GA

SR Education Group is proud to award Patricia Jackson the March 2013 Women's Scholarship. Patricia is currently attending Mercer University to pursue a degree in Early Care and Education. Her application demonstrated that she has a passion for her field and is determined to obtain her education.

Make a Difference Scholarship, March 2013
Jill Karelitz
Bellarmine University - Charlotte, NC

Jill Karelitz's inspirational video won the popular vote scholarship. Despite having severe hearing loss, Jill has overcome several obstacles to become a successful student. Recognizing the significant impact that her own healthcare providers had on her rehabilitation and success, Jill is hoping to use her education to "pay it forward" and become a nurse.

Make a Difference Scholarship, March 2013
Harmony Fisher
Virginia Commonwealth University - Williamsburg, VA

Harmony Fisher was the winner chosen by the SR Education Group scholarship committee. Harmony was adopted from Ethiopia at a young age. She feels that she has a responsibility to give back to her native country, as so much was given to her. She intends to use her degree in elementary education to teach children in Ethiopia.

Single-Parent Scholarship, February 2013
Lara Foster
Centralia College - Centralia, WA

Lara Foster is working towards her dream of becoming a middle school teacher by pursuing a degree from Centralia College. Lara believes that middle school is an important stepping stone on a child's educational path and would like to inspire students of this age to develop habits necessary for success in high school. She hopes that by earning this degree, she will also inspire her own children towards educational success.

Community College Scholarship, February 2013
Jossie Morales
Valencia Community College - Kissimmee, FL

Jossie Morales is an aspiring 3D Animation Artist working towards her degree at Valencia Community College. Her passion for art and animation design was evident in her application and inspirational. This first generation college student has had many obstacles, but has persevered to become a remarkable student.

Military Scholarship, January 2013
Carlos Ramirez
University of Central Florida - Kissimmee, FL

Carlos Ramirez is working to complete his Bachelor's degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Central Florida. He hopes that he will be able to educate younger populations on how to lead a healthy life by educating families about the effects of childhood obesity and promoting physical activity.

Women's Scholarship, January 2013
Oksana Usenko
Valencia Community College - Naples, FL

Oksana Usenko is currently completing her associate degree at Valencia Community College with the hopes of transferring to the University of Central Florida to earn a degree in health informatics and information management. She aspires to use her degree either working with special needs children or continuing her work with disabled veterans.

Community College Scholarship, December 2012
Letitia McGuinness
San Diego City College - San Diego, CA

Letitia McGuinness has worked in the non-profit sphere for 15 years. She is pursuing a degree in Gerontology with the hopes of helping the aging population in San Diego. Throughout her life, Letitia has encountered many people who did not believe that she should or could get a higher education. However, she has persevered and remained vigilant in her passion to receive a college degree.

Single-Parent Scholarship, December 2012
Haley Vice
Front Range Community College - Longmont, CO

Haley Vice is a student pursuing her passion for Dental Hygiene. She dreams of being able to travel to Mexico and Thailand in an effort to provide free dental care to those who have been affected by sex trafficking. In addition, she hopes that her own academic success will help to inspire other teen parents to complete their education.

Military Scholarship, November 2012
Keenan Sanchez
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Delmar, NY

Keenan Sanchez is currently pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. He will use this degree to develop technology to improve prosthetic limbs. As a partial hand amputee himself, this is a field of study that he is particularly passionate about. Additionally, he hopes work in this field will allow him a continued connection with the military.

Women's Scholarship, November 2012
Brook-Ann Young
University of Central Florida - Sanford, FL

Brook-Ann Young is an intended Legal Studies major, who is hoping to start her own legal advocacy business upon graduation. While caring for her wheelchair bound husband, she realized how many obstacles there are for handicapped people. She would like to use her education to improve awareness and accessibility for the handicapped, as well as fight for justice for other underprivileged individuals.

Single-Parent Scholarship, October 2012
Elizabeth Lord
University of Central Florida - Sanford, FL

Elizabeth Lord has worked as a paraprofessional for several years. She works with Emotional Behavior Disabled Children and helps them cope with the challenges and struggles of everyday life. She is working on a degree to become a certified teacher.

Community College Scholarship, October 2012
Debra Dick
Pikes Peak Community College - Colorado Springs, CO

Debra Dick plans to pursue a degree in order to achieve her life long goal of working in the information and technology field. Computers are Debra's passion, and she hopes to write programs,repair hardware, recover lost data, and help people when their computers crash. In college, she will push herself to attain a degree, but to also actively participate in all of her studies and classroom activities.

Military Scholarship, September 2012
Jordan Smith
Texas A&M University - College Station , TX

Jordan Smith is currently pursuing a degree in international studies with a concentration in international politics and diplomacy from Texas A&M University. Second Lieutenant Smith plans on continuing her officer career in the Army on active duty as soon as she graduates from college.

Women's Scholarship, September 2012
Nanci Santistevan
Colorado Christian University - Colorado Springs, CO

Ms. Santistevan's mission is to help young people in crisis and to show them the path to healing. She acknowledges that this is a very important and challenging undertaking. That said, she is willing to make sacrifices to help secure the future of adolescents in her community.

Community College Scholarship, August 2012
Parisa Lotfi
American River College (ARC) - Fair Oaks, CA

Parisa has endured more in her 21 years than most folks read about--including escaping persecution in Iran and living as a refugee in Turkey--all in order to seek a better life and pursue her dreams as an engineer. Her goals may seem lofty (literally reaching for the stars with NASA), but her incredible focus and will have continued to bless her with the academic success she'll need to achieve them. "Since in the United States, the right of education is given to everyone, I am sure nothing and no one can stop a determined woman like me from getting my degree."

Single-Parent Scholarship, August 2012
Shane Duggan
University of Central Florida - Deltona, FL

John is studying Biomedical Science at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida with the hopes of one day becoming a dentist. Shane's dreams don't stop there, however. Shane hopes to one day give back to the less fortunate by working at a community clinic for the poor and uninsured. We were particularly struck by Shane's desire to provide for his son's financial and spiritual well-being.

Single-Parent Scholarship, August 2012
John Kaleo
Peninsula College - Carlsborg, WA

Even with tips, single dad John Kaleo's minimum-wage job isn't enough to make ends meet. He has done the math--he needs a better job in order to make enough money to provide the right life for his two daughters. Options are extremely limited in his area, but a future in welding is the best chance he and is family has.

Military Scholarship, July 2012
Amanda Kloepfer
Southern New Hampshire University - Rockford, IL

Amanda Kloepfer had a promising military career cut short by an unfortunate car accident and suffered permanent injuries which continue to impede her daily life. Rather than hide behind her misfortunes, Amanda embraces the natural fortitude she brought to her unit and is working hard to overcome her challenges. A Master's in Forensic Accounting from Southern New Hampshire University will help her compete and excel despite her disadvantages.

Women's Scholarship, July 2012
Courtney Dotson
Lindenwood University - Saint Peters, MO

Courtney Dotson works multiple jobs to pay for as much of her education as possible and the patience she emphasizes as a teacher has served her to persevere as she continues her own education. Watching her brother grow up with severe learning disabilities provided Courtney with the inspiration to focus her natural desire to teach special education. Her family's struggles to make ends meet further motivate career advancement and she hopes she can help provide for her mother and brother by alleviating some of the financial burden.

Military Scholarship, June 2012
Lauren Johnson
Emerson College - Boston, MA

Lauren Johnson has spent her life listening to the stories of heroism, stress, war, and witnessing first-hand the kaleidoscope of experiences service men and women face in combat--and when adjusting after being discharged. With a degree from Emerson College, she is preparing to share these stories to help promote understanding between soldiers and the civilian public.

Mom Scholarship, June 2012
Nicole Schmidt
Marion Technical College - Carey, OH

As Nicole Schmidt struggled to maintain employment following her divorce, she soon realized that she would need an education to enter a career that could provide stability for her and her two daughters. Tapping into her interest in medical terminology, technology, and numbers, Nicole enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding certificate program through Marion Technical College. She is taking control of her future and making it better.

Women's Scholarship, May 2012
Kristina Boisvert
Front Range Community College - Fort Collins, CO

Kristina Boisvert is a single mother of two, struggling with raising her children, working to support her family, and attending Front Range Community College, while enduring the financial hardship and physical debilitation of a blood disease. Amazingly, Kristina maintains focus on her studies and never lets her 6-year old daughter or 4-month old son know despair, but rather determination.

Community College Scholarship, May 2012
Summer Lilly
Northland Pioneer College - Flagstaff, AZ

Living below the poverty line was not enough to discourage Summer. She worked hard to excel as she resumed part-time education--ultimately earning an Associate's Degree, Cum Laude. Throughout all of her hardships, Summer has maintained top marks in her school work as she volunteers at least two hours each week in each of her children's classrooms along with actively volunteering in her community. With this scholarship, Summer will round out her education, having been accepted to the Northland Pioneer College Nursing program.

Community College Scholarship, April 2012
Dawnlei Ben
Dine College - Ft. Defiance, AZ

Dawnlei Hunter Ben is of the Naash’tezhi Ta’chiinii clan on the Navajo reservation in Arizona and has long witnessed the poverty and substance abuse that plague her community. Rather than acquiesce to despair, Dawnlei has dedicated herself to educating future generations and preserving her native language and culture. She will use her BA in Teacher Education through Diné College to help Navajo children discover their heritage and escape the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse.

Women's Scholarship, April 2012
Julie Santos
Academy of Art University - Downey, CA

It was after her experiences in Haiti that Julie realized the world needed to see what she had witnessed—hope. It was a simple message and she was developing a way to frame it, but she needed the right education to fit everything together. As she put it, "there is a world of opportunities out there, the trick is learning how to connect need with resources." This time, we are able to provide the resources for Julie's need, as she pursues Web Design and New Media through Academy of Art University. Now that she's found the education, we're going to help her afford it.

Community College Scholarship, February 2012
Scott Schrock
Stark State College - Hartville, OH

Scott Schrock's 22-foot fall marked a turning point in his life. He chose to change careers and pursue a field about which he was passionate. The nursing degree he is working to obtain through Stark State College will provide him with a valuable key to unlocking doors to higher medical service, a new career, and a more stable future for his family.

Women's Scholarship, February 2012
Michelle Varvaris
Chamberlain College of Nursing - Summit, IL

Michelle Varvaris has worked in healthcare since she was seventeen and currently serves American Veterans as an LPN. After her fiance's health began to decline, Michelle realized advancing her career as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing was the best way to apply her passion and talents while earning more to support her family.

Women's Scholarship, January 2012
Crystal Urrutia
Front Range Community College - Broomfield, CO

After being laid off from her shipping and receiving job of 10 years, Crystal is looking to start a brand new career in Criminal Justice as a victim's advocate--specifically by helping teens recovering from abuse. As she puts it, "...these kids would benefit from having someone to talk to or just listen to and feel that they are not alone and have others who can help them begin heal and rebuild there lives." 

Community College Scholarship, January 2012
Ebony Covington
Long Beach City College - Long Beach, CA

Ebony Covington has focused her intrinsic need to help others into success as an aspiring nurse. She has endured hardship and tragedy, but she continues to exemplify the strength and determination necessary to not only persevere in her academic career, but provide an inspiration to others. “I continue to believe that hard work is the foundation on which our country was founded, and although hard work may not guarantee my success—I know that I will not achieve success without hard work.” - Ebony Covington

Community College Scholarship, Winter 2011
Carl Finkbeiner
Lawson State - Bessemer, AL

Carl Finkbeiner is currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA and working toward an Associate of Arts Degree in Business at Lawson State Community College. While he is returning to school after a nearly four-decade hiatus, Carl’s education has included the world beyond the classroom. “Having fallen from a secure place in life, I am filled with wonder as I am assisted and pointed back towards my dream...and I learned that it takes active participation to help others, and to encourage others to help me.” - Carl Finkbeiner

Women's Scholarship, Winter 2011
Molly O'Brien
Front Range Community College - Erie, CO

Molly O’Brien is pursuing medical training through Fort Range Community College with the goal of completing a Radiation Therapy program. As a single mother, Molly has endured family tragedy to rebuild the life she lost and provide a safe and stable life for her daughters. Now she’s exemplifying boot-strap perseverance by excelling in an education track with intensive work loads. “I sincerely look forward to a new start, putting my intelligence and energy into the noble cause of helping to fight cancer and the unfortunate inflicted with the disease.” - Molly O'Brien

Women's Scholarship, Fall 2011
Jere Coolidge
Macomb Community College - Poer Huron, MI

Jere Coolidge used to feel that going to college seemed just out of reach. Now she is pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy at Macomb Community College. She emphasizes the importance of occupational therapy and explains, “occupational therapy helps people to see the possibilities in their life with respect to remediating or compensating for their disabilities. This degree means that someday soon I will be able to contribute to my family's financial stability while doing something I love, and the bonus is that I get to help people!”

Community College Scholarship, Fall 2011
John Saylors
Lawson State Community College - Double Springs, AL

A former Emergency Medical Technician in the Army National Guard during operation Desert Storm/Fix and later a professional truck driver, John Saylors is now back in school to start a career in warranty work, general maintenance, and specialized services. He says “the love, support and side work from my friends and family has value that I sometimes have trouble quantifying but no longer recognizing. Having to start over and learn a new trade has been difficult and humbling. In the long run it will be worth it and so am I.”

Community College Scholarship, Fall 2011
Ritty Samreth
Minneapolis Community & Technical College - Richfield , MN

Ritty Samreth is currently pursuing an Associates Degree in Mathematics and Business Management. His two-year tenure at Minneapolis Community & Technical College is preparing him for his ultimate career goal as an Actuary. Ritty says of his lofty ambitions, “I am setting my foundation. I feel that I am being equipped with the necessary tools for success, not only in my educational pursuits, but in life. I know that this experience will create opportunities.”

Community College Scholarship, Summer 2011
Vanessa Moreno
Long Beach City College - Long Beach, CA

Vanessa Moreno is currently enrolled at Long Beach City College. After six years of military service with the US Army, Vanessa moved to California to start a new chapter in her life. She says of her academic endeavors, ”I hope to open my eyes to lessons and opportunity I never knew existed. I hope to finish community college then transfer to a University and achieve my Bachelor degree. I want to be proud of what I have accomplished in this life. I feel with a degree I will achieve that personal goal.”

Study Abroad Scholarship, Summer 2011
Kelsey Schwenk
University of Delaware - Newark, DE

Kelsey is a Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences major at the University of Delaware. This Winter, she plans to travel to Tanzania to participate in a wildlife conservation program focused on the “real, practical challenges involved in wildlife conservation.” While studying abroad, Kelsey will be staying with two indigenous hunter-gatherer societies – an arrangement that will require her to sustainably live from the land.

Study Abroad Scholarship, Spring 2011
Sadaf Hasan
Bard College - Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Sadaf Hasan plans to study abroad at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon where she will be taking classes in Arabic, international relations, and political theory. On her trip, Sadaf also hopes to participate in a part-time internship/volunteer position that will enable her to work with displaced Palestinians. She says of the project, "I would like to further explore refugee rights after I graduate and see Arabic fluency as a necessary skill...I hope to pursue a career in public policy or law...and to advance policies that work towards championing the ideals of asylum law."

Study Abroad Scholarship, Summer 2011
Jennifer Talbott
University of Chicago - Chicago, IL

Jennifer is a comparative human development major at the University of Chicago. She recently enrolled in a study abroad program based in Pune, India. While overseas, she will study the Hindi language, as well as the culture and economics of India. With plans to enroll in the Peace Corps after graduation and then attend medical school, Jennifer is looking forward to a study abroad experience that will take her out of her comfort zone.

Community College Scholarship, Spring 2011
Chansopava Srey
Long Beach City College - Long Beach, CA

Chansopava Srey is the first person in her family to attend college and has been pleased with her experiences at Long Beach City College thus far. Chansopava plans to study psychology and eventually transfer into California State University of Long Beach to pursue her bachelor's degree and eventually, a doctorate for psychology. She says of her academic pursuits, "Above all, I want to...become a guidance for another person through their life problems, whether they are mental, physical, or emotional problems."

Community College Scholarship, Fall 2010
Cliffette Longford
Shelton State Community College - Tuscaloosa, AL

Cliffette Longford currently attends Shelton State Community College. She has worked as a personal care aid for 7 years and is pursuing a career in nursing. Cliffette hopes to teach her two children that they can do anything they set their mind to. She also said of her career path, "I know that by becoming a nurse I will be able to help so many people."

Community College Scholarship, Summer 2010
Destiny Hellman
Sinclair Community College - Dayton, OH

Destiny Hellman is the first person in her family to attend college and has been thrilled with her experiences at Sinclair Community College thus far. She currently has plans to graduate in 2011 with a degree in aviation technology. Destiny says of her major choice, "I have always had a strong passion for space and aviation...I am getting myself prepared for a career that I have only dreamed of attaining."

Study Abroad Scholarship, Summer 2010
Meghan Von Tersch
Portland State University - Portland, OR

Meghan Von Tersch plans to study abroad in Kolkata, India for the service-learning program. Her study abroad program will allow her to volunteer 25 hours a week at the Mother Theresa Rehabilitation Center, a home for abandoned children. She says of the program, "I chose this program because it will teach me to be selfless, it will force me to break out of my own boring cultural bubble, and it will test everything about myself."

Community College Scholarship, Spring 2010
Katie Pollock
Salt Lake Community College - Sandy, UT

Katie Pollock graduated from high school in 2009 and promptly enrolled in Salt Lake Community College. Thus far, she has loved the experience of attending SLCC, from the small class sizes to the accessible campus and teachers. Recently, Katie finished the certified nursing assistant program the school offers. She hopes to continue on this path and become a psychiatric nurse, a field which will allow her to work with the mentally ill.

Study Abroad Scholarship, Spring 2010
Lindsay Lange
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health - Chico, CA

In her quest to obtain a Master's in Health Sciences from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Lindsay will be interning with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Sierra Leone. She says of the program, "This is an excellent opportunity to help, learn, and grow, and also to make connections with individuals and organizations that might lead to a career after graduation."

Study Abroad Scholarship, Fall 2009
Harrison O'Conner
Evergreen State College - Olympia, WA

Harrison O'Connor will be studying in the Sacred Valley in the Andes of Peru during the Spring of 2010. While there, Harrison hopes to address the global food crisis currently plaguing much of the country through working with the non-profit organization Campesino a Campesino. While attending Evergreen State College, Harrison has been studying subjects concerning globalization and its effects on different communities and states: "This comprehensive and focused learning has culminated in my trip abroad and I am fully prepared and ready."


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