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December 2012 Community College Scholarship Winner Announced!

Letitia McGuinness’s application communicated her great passion for education and her dedication to helping the world around her. We are proud to honor this inspiring woman with the December 2012 Community College Scholarship.

January 17, 2013

December 2012 Single Parent Scholarship Winner Announced!

Despite giving birth to her child while still a sophomore in high school, Haley Vice has demonstrated great determination to achieve her academic goals. SR Education Group is proud to announce this incredible mom as the December 2012 winner of SR Education Group's Single Parent Scholarship.

January 16, 2013

Announcing the December 2012 Scholarship Finalists

SR Education Group is proud to announce the finalists for the December 2012 scholarship round. Of these finalists, a winner will be contacted via email, and an announcement will follow once eligibility has been confirmed. If you applied this month and were not selected as a winner, be sure to re-apply for future scholarship rounds. Thanks to everyone who applied!

January 7, 2013

November Scholarship Winners Announced!

Keenan Sanchez is currently pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering. He will use this degree to develop technology to improve prosthetic limbs. As a partial hand amputee himself, this is a field of study that he is particularly passionate about. Additionally, he hopes work in this field will allow him a continued connection with the military.

Brook-Ann Young is an intended legal studies major who is hoping to start her own legal advocacy business upon graduation. While caring for her wheelchair-bound husband, she realized how many obstacles there are for handicapped people. She would like to use her education to improve awareness and accessibility for the handicapped, as well as fight for justice for other underprivileged individuals.

December 17, 2012

Tips From the SR Education Group Scholarship Committee

Once a round of scholarship winners is announced, we are often asked by those who didn’t win what they can do in future applications to increase their chances of winning. While we’re unable to provide feedback about individual applications, our scholarship committee does have some advice to offer to our applicants in general.

The advice below is not intended to provide any applicant an unfair advantage, but rather to give applicants some guidance when deciding what information they should and should not include in their essays, as well as to point out some common mistakes that we’ve noticed multiple applicants make.

December 12, 2012

October 2012 Single Parent Scholarship Winner

We’d like to congratulate SR Education Group’s October 2012 Single-Parent Scholarship winner, Elizabeth Lord, a single mother of five children. Elizabeth is attending the University of Central Florida. She has a passion for working with students and families struggling with emotional/behavior disorders and plans to use her degree to work with such students in a classroom setting. Despite encountering health and financial hardships, Elizabeth Lord has persevered and continues to inspire her children to seek a college education.

December 12, 2012


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